Formettes: the expression tool for everyone!

Relax by developing your creativity and concentration.

Formettes: the expression tool for everyone!

Relax by developing your creativity and concentration.

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The Formettes are normaforms or stencils to be drawn on which several hollowed out shapes allow you to easily draw geometric patterns leading to an infinite number of combinations from the simplest to the most complex. These early forms were inspired by the patterns of azulejos. The azulejos, these clay tiles that make the unique charm of Lisbon.

The Formettes are made of transparent and flexible recyclable plastic which allows them to be adapted to rounded supports, very practical for your creative leisure activities (decor of boxes, trays, and any other objects as well as furniture or frescoes.

Their marks help you to position them well and thus to trace regularly and precisely.

The shapes are available in several sizes to adapt to the measurements of your supports. You can use them on paper, canvas, wood … A Tool for your DIY creations and your interior decorations, Formettes, will help you realize your creative desires.

Unlike stencils, forms must be combined to obtain a composition, which gives Formettes creative and educational interest. This is a new technique suitable for everyone, you can use the Formettes at home with the family, at school, in your textile design, graphic design agencies …

To practice with the Formettes, makes it possible to develop concentration and methodological intelligence in which we find kinesthetic, visuo-spatial and logical-mathematical intelligence.

Some use them as a meditation support, to make mandalas that Carl Gustave Jung used as a therapeutic tool.

Practice with this tool it helps you to express feelings or thoughts (repressed or unconscious) that can be useful for therapists. (art therapy psychologists)

It’s a true and natural anti-stress tool and to practice with the Formettes, will bring you relaxation, well-being, immediate satisfaction and self-esteem.

Help yourself with tutorials to get started in your first creations and for coloring lovers download our models.


It is in a friendly and family atmosphere that Agathe will welcome you in her workshop in Anjos (center of lisbon).

Regular workshops can accommodate a maximum of ten people. The duration it is between 2h and  2h30, materials are included and provided, as well as tea, coffee, fruit juice and cookies.

Agathe will go along with you in the process of creating your own azulejos motifs with professionalism, respect and sympathy.

She will show you the azulejos (printing) paving methods and will introduce you to the Formettes, a tool which will allow you to invent your own pattern on a paper or canvas support. Once drawn in pencil, you will paint it in watercolor, acrylic paint or watercolor pencils. Agathe, a trained painter, will help you to mix your colors and advise you, if you wish.

When you have finished, your drawing will be scanned and transferred to a 10 cm x 10 cm ceramic tile on site using the sublimation technique. You can also order other objects to personalize (not included in the price of the workshop).



Agathe Cornet-Vernet

Artist-painter, Creator of Formettes

In July 2017 wishing to leave Parisian life, Lisbon imposed itself on me as the place of a new stage in my life. I arrived here with the intention of recreating  what had made me happy in Neuilly sur Seine: a free expression painting Studio where children and adults will come to paint without constraints. Along with this activity I continued my own artistic journey and also happily raised my own three daughters.

Inspired by the beauty of the city and being grateful for its welcome, I made it the main subject of my paintings, consisting of views of Lisbon sidelined with a painted frame imitating the azulejos.

Painting these repetitive patterns quickly led me to create a small cut out shape with a cutter in a recovered hard plastic packaging to help me trace them quickly and regularly.

The first Formette was born! I realized that i could play with it endlessly and create almost unlimited combinations of patterns from a single form.

I tested the Formette with children and adults in some experimental workshops and I verify how they developed a great state of concentration and  satisfaction. The success of these workshops have encouraged me to develop the Formette in the form of a Kit.

At the same time as I was doing these experiences, I was pursuing technical research, to find the best materials and to refine all the details of the manufacturing. The first Formettes were made from plexiglass in the Fablab of my neighborhood, but the lazer cut burned them out and they turned out to be too thick to trace the angles.

So it was in France that the new version in thin transparent plastic with markers, produced fifty copies.

During my workshops, which became recurrent, I sold them to participants who wanted to buy them, aware that the presentation, in a transparent plastic pouch with a pencil and instructions, did not enhance my product and did not correspond to my ethical and ecological values.

I also wanted, that the Formette itself, should be made of plastic, being inside a cardboard box and including a sketchbook with some samples, an instruction manual and a pencil.

Thanks to the article published of my work, in the magazine Le Lisboète, I met a sourcing company which helped me produced my kits in China! The minimum production was 500 Kits so meanwhile the question of funding arose.

The solution to find the funds come up, creating a crowdfunding campaign in April 2019, on KisskissBankbank, which had many positive effects. The new version of the Lisbon Collection XL kit is being manufactured (May 2020), the Formettes are now 100% made in Portugal and Ecofriendly

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